Top Temporary Visas You Need To Know

By LaToya | May 24, 2023

What are the Most Important Temporary Visas? A guide to temporary visas for immigrants in the United States As an immigrant in the United States, it can be confusing to navigate the different types of visas available. Temporary visas are a common option for those who want to visit, study, or work in the United…

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Pro Tips For Temporary Visa Applications

By Kelly | May 17, 2023

Navigating the Temporary Visa Application Process  If you’re in need of a temporary visa, navigating the application process can seem daunting. There are many different types of visas, each with their own requirements and procedures.  However, with a little preparation and knowledge, you can improve your chances of success. Read on for some tips to…

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What is a statute of limitations and how does it work?

By Kelly | October 20, 2022
statute of limitations

Discover more about what a statute of limitations is, and how it works in the timeline of your lawsuit claim.

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A New York JUUL® addiction attorney to fight Big Tobacco

By Kelly | September 15, 2022
New York JUUL® addiction attorney

The e-cigarette and vaping trend is not from some new inventor trying to make smoking safer—Big Tobacco is still behind the movement to hook more people into becoming addicted to nicotine. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “All JUUL® e-cigarettes have a high level of nicotine. According to the manufacturer, a single JUUL®…

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How are punitive damages calculated in a personal injury lawsuit?

By Kelly | July 6, 2022
Punitive Damages

Today, we’re going to define punitive damages, the role they play in a personal injury lawsuit, and precisely how a jury might calculate them in your personal injury case.

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