Dog Bites

Dogs are loved by many. It is not unusual for many people to love and treat their dogs like a special member of the family. They love to be around their owners, play, and receive attention. However, not all dogs are the same. Some are more receptive to attention and handle certain situations better than others. While some dogs love attention, there are others who may not be as welcoming, especially to those who are not part of their immediate family circle.

If a dog feels threatened or stressed, it may lash out by attacking or biting. In many cases, people are bitten or attacked when a dog is being overprotective of its food, toys, or owner. Other times, a dog might bite someone who is hovering over its personal space. The dog may feel threatened even if the person is only trying to be friendly and pet it. If you are a dog owner, knowing your dog’s temperament is extremely important. Recognizing your dog’s boundaries and tolerances can help avoid an attack or bite and other adverse repercussions.

In New York, there are a set of rules that apply to the liability that dog owners have over their pets. If a dog bites another person, the owner could be held liable for medical bills and other damages. Dog owners are strictly liable for the cost of medical bills; however, they are only liable for other damages if their dog has a history of being vicious, and they knew about it. One exception is if the owner was negligent in the care or handling of the dog, they could be held liable for additional damages.

If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog, it is highly recommended to talk to an attorney who extensively knows the law relating to dog bites in Sayville, NY and Suffolk County, New York.


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