Nursing Home Injury

If you or an elderly loved one suffered any physical or psychological abuse or neglect in a nursing home, call our legal team right away to discuss a course of action. You may be entitled to compensation.


Birthing Injury

Birth injuries happen when medical professionals are negligent, lack of oxygen to the brain or trauma can result in permanent injuries to the baby. If your child suffered from a birth injury, we encourage you to call our law office right away to determine your case and hold the responsible parties liable.


Hospital Malpractice

Medical professionals are trusted with their patients lives. When negligence occurs, for whatever reason, the patient is the one who suffers the consequence. Sometimes death or permanent life-long injuries. Please call our office if this has happened to you or someone you love.


Dental Malpractice

Dental negligence can leave patients with life-long permanent injuries, from tooth extraction problems to not properly diagnosing mouth diseases or cancers. Our attorneys have been fighting for the rights of victims since 1992. Call us to determine your case.


After being involved in a motor vehicle accident and not knowing who to turn to, I was recommended to Steven Gacovino and his law firm. He was very responsive and empathetic to all my concerns. He and his staff always made themselves available for any questions that I had. Everyone at the firm was always on top of things and I felt that they went above and beyond for me as a client. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case, and I would recommend to anyone.

Araceli Jo

Mr. Steven Gacovino took my case after a pharmaceutical company nearly killed me with a dangerous medication. My physician, a local ER staff were unaware of the side effects of this dangerous widely prescribed medication. As a former firefighter/medic of 18 years injured and disabled in the line of duty, I realize how important it is that medications that cause injury must be aggressively dealt with to prevent many other needless injuries/deaths. Greedy companies that ignore obvious contraindications or minimize risks must be held accountable and physicians must be educated as to the dangers to their patients from such medications. Thank you so much Mr. Gacovino and staff!

Wayne Flint